Soutercoverpic This book as described by Lord Robertson in his introduction is special. It is a compilation of the work of Robert Louis Souter, his cartoons, drawings and writings covering the period from 1935 to his death in 1992 as a Sergeant in the London Scottish Regiment. These include his wartime drawings in action and as a POW. Much of his work is humorous but also poignant as he portrays war as he saw it.

Supercilious Soldier; “I’ve been shooting at Bisley.” Very posh young lady; “Indeed! Did you hit it?”

It is a private publication high quality production in A4 format with some 250 images in colour and black and white. It is set in its historic framework with explanatory text to make it a story. It has historical value to any reader interested in WW11, military drawings and cartoons. Limited numbers are available before a reprint would be considered.

Cartoons, drawings, poems and stories by Robert Louis Souter (1903 to 1982)
A Scottish TA infantry soldier Who served from 1931 to 1945
Army number 6666317 | POW number 127989
Collected and edited by Colonel John Clemence CBE TD
Published 2014
Dedicated to The London Scottish Regiment and All its members